Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We're Talking About BUTTS People.

Yep. I said butts. I recently listed a set of funny vintage golf tees with little female legs and butts. I used butts in the title and wondered, "Who else on Etsy would actually use butt in their title or description" and on top of that "What might I find if I simply searched "butt""?? Ok, how many times can I say "butt" in one paragraph? This is getting weird!! Oh yeah, it already was....

Here's what I found folks:

Doesn't My Butt Look Great 1950's Fitted Shorts by Carmen and Ginger - Gotta love it!!

description reads "Nice Butt!"

I had no idea what this meant until I read the description: Guy is sitting on the chimney, hence the butt steak!

I may regret dedicating a post to butts later. At the moment it's still kinda funny.


poopisan said...

Hiya Rhan,

Thanks for showing my butt- dish.
I like mid-century alot too. I've got some sick lucite chairs and stuff. Always wanted a mod James Bond home. Like your blog. I'll heart your shop tomorrow. Nightie Night,

Rhan Vintage said...

You're welcome!


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