Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Seeing Red, a Blog about Dresses

Early this morning I saw a tweet from W magazine about Juliana Margulies on their new cover. I had to check out the photos and I'm so glad I did. This stunning red dress put me in a great mood for the day and set the tone of radiance and romance. It inspired me to find more red lusciousness.

The Jessica Wiggle Dress in Retro Red by Pinup Couture courtesy of stylehive

Vintage Red Secretary Dress courtesy of vintagebulletin.blogspot.com

1950's Circle Skirt Red Shirt Dress courtesy of NoPatternRequired.com

Red Chloe Suit-Style Dress on Katherine Heigl courtesy of ShopYop

1 comment:

Lynelle said...

I can never resist red clothes, I snatch them up, especially dresses! And then I never have any where to wear them!


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