Sunday, April 25, 2010

Vintage Bridal Gowns

My husband and I went to a wedding last night and now I'm all about vintage dresses. No, the bride did not wear a vintage dress, I just somehow turn everything into a vintage affair in my mind. You could say I see everything through vintage-colored glasses. Hmmmm.... do those exist??

While my wedding dress was vintage-feeling, it was a new gown. Maybe at our vow renewal I'll go real vintage? After searching this morning for dresses, you can count on it!

Here are some dresses I love in various styles. I like all out princess styles, as well as demure and simple. It depends on the day. I'm also in love with these sites. How fun to have a store only selling vintage dresses?

Collection from Vintageous:

Cream Tulle 1950's Ball Gown w/ Ruffled Straps & Tiered Skirt

Ivory Chiffon & Lace Strapless Early 1960's Ball Gown

Fred Perlberg 1950's Ivory Chiffon Cocktail Dress w/ Sequins

Ivory Tulle Strapless late 1950's Ball Gown w/ Rose Topped Bustle

Collection from PoshGirlVintage:

1950'S Ivory Strapless Wedding Dress

1920's Beige Lace Sheer Dress

Collection from Dorothea's Closet Vintage:

Grace Kelly glamour - 50s wedding gown in embroidered tulle and taffeta....strapless gown with ruched tulle bust can be worn alone or with the stunning sheer, full length over-jacket with stand up Victorian inspired collar.

50s wedding dress a la Liz Taylor!

Vintage 1950's lace veil

Collection from Mintage Style on Etsy:

Vintage 1950s strapless tulle wedding dress

vintage 1940s - 1950s stunning couture wedding gown

Vintage Inspired Dress from Good Morning America's "Latest Trend in Bridal Gowns" from Brides Magazine:

Vintage Inspired Art Deco Style Fitted Dress by Lazaro

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Design Girl said...

So many pretty dresses! We had a "vintage casual" wedding last summer. It'd be fun to go more "vintage traditional" and wear one of these beauties!


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