Monday, June 27, 2011

On-Again, Off-Again Affair with Craigslist

This is the relationship I've had with CL Los Angeles lately but I'm happy to say we are on-again.  Our love affair is tumultuous, some days I hate it some days I love it but I always go back.

Here are my latest loves......I've found that Mondays are always good days to find great MCM pieces.

Broyhill Sculptra Headboard $75
Next to Brasilia, this is my 2nd favorite Broyhill design. This won't fit our King bed otherwise I'd scoop it up!  Gorgeous huh??

Mid Century Modern Sofa $300
I love the low, minimal design and the wood accents. 

Atomic Dining Chairs $195/set of 4
So cute! I love the cut out back rests.

Brown Saltman End Table $80
Check out that cool little drawer!

Wood Desk Chair $150
I love this style chair. The curved wood is amazing.


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I feel the same way about CL and eBay. Sometimes I get so frustrated with both that I have to take a hiatus, but I always give in. We're really low on upholstered pieces right now, so naturally I was drawn to the sofa in your post. Pleeeeease, somebody list some decent sofas!

Retro Restyling said...

My biggest beef with CL is the spam problem. I list a piece for sale on there and it's immediate spam instead of real buyers. Drives me CRAY-ZAY.

Rhan Vintage said...

Oh geez, tell me about it! It's out of control!

Sudha said...

tell me about the dealer...phew...can nevergettosee a decent ad with out a million from dealers...also, there are lot of resellers in atlanta..its so hard to find something worthwhile in my price range...mcm is like a dream anyway

Mr. Modtomic said...

retro restyling & rhan - I've been selling on craigslist for a while now and I've discovered that if I Do Not put a price in the "$" box upon creating an ad I will receive almost no spam. Put your asking price in the ad title and or the body. I have no idea why this works but it does seem to.

Mr. Modtomic

Retro Restyling said...

That's good advice, I'll start doing that, thanks!


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