Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thrift Store Finds.

I hit five thrift stores yesterday and managed to find 4 cool vintage pieces. It's getting harder and harder to find vintage, at least here in Los Angeles. I remember years ago leaving one thrift store with bags full of great finds.  Now, I leave empty handed on most trips.

Here's what I bought...

Fred Press Cheese Plate
I have several like this and they don't sell well in my shop but I just can't pass them up.  I figure I could always use them for entertaining if no one else wants them.

Vintage Spartus Panda Wall Clock 
It's not working but I had to have it anyway.  The eyes are supposed to move. I'll probably have it restored.

Mod Girl Print on Wood
 Signed by artist.

Retro Apple Shaped Glass Dishes
Nothing too special, I know, but they do well in my shop and it's rare to find a set.

So, that's it.  My full day of shopping only yielded this. I have to rely on estate sales to get the good stuff and boy they've become competitive and crazy! 


Sudha said...

lovely finds..i keep comingback empty handed too..maybe because, good things never reach stores nowadays)

Blue Fruit said...

That's interesting, because it is getting harder and harder to find vintage stuff in Melbourne too. There seems to be more 1980s badly made plastic rubbish appearing, and less of this older vintage. And with ebay, everyone is now so much more savvy about the worth of vintage, so it doesn't seem to make it into the stores .

I had a panda clock like that when I was a child. Blast from the past!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I'm loving that cheese plate! What a gem!


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