Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Wall Sconce that Started a Frenzy

I came across this incredible Walnut Candle Sconce on A Design Enthusiast blog and fell in love.  Great find Sudha!  It got my heart racing and started a frenzy. I must have my own mid century/danish modern/atomic age candle wall sconce!  Great, a new obsession!

The wall sconce that started the madness:

I started a hunt for something even remotely as cool as the above, and to date I've come up with nothing.  I did end up purchasing this pair of atomic age sconces and while they're pretty cool it didn't quite do it for me once I put them on my wall.  The hunt continues.

Some others I've come across just recently:

Pretty, but not quite right.
Source, Ebay

These are cool.  It's like the better version of what I bought.  Eek, $72!  
Source, Ebay 

Interesting. I do love perforated metal...
Source, Ebay

I love this mid century modern look in wood.  
Source: Etsy - my Aunt's shop!

Wow, check this out.  Cool, but too "atomic" for me.  
Source, Etsy, SOLD

So cool!  Peter Pepper Products bold and bright sconces.
Source, Flickr

More from Peter Pepper Products
Source, Ebay 

This is just scratching the surface. I've been looking for a couple of months and haven't found anything I love. Maybe it's time to move on and some day a pair will appear at an estate sale.  


Sudha said...

thats a super cool post...i never could have thought I would chance upon this sconce...i went to buy my vintage lamps and spoke to the seller about my blog...he was so impressed that he handed me this set..i had two but gave this one to someone and kept just one..i guess i regret it now :(

Sudha said...

the ones you bought are really classy...they look so sleek

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I'm crazy about wall sconces too. Those are some really beautiful ones.

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

Uh oh, yet another thing for me to look for on my junking jaunts! Reading vintage blogs is dangerous... I tend to be more aware of items once I see others post their finds.

Love the sconces you found, I'm sure you'll find another pair in an unlikely place soon.

Marie said...

Great post; some of those sconces are amazing!

I found a pair of the "cool, but too 'atomic'" ones today. Now, if only I could figure out who made them...

(This is Marie from Pillowsophi Vintage on Etsy, by the way.)

Tom Marcus said...

Wall sconces are very good indeed. I want to add some wall sconces to beautify the interior design in my house. Surely my house will become more beautiful with the addition of these wall sconces.

Sonneman said...

Fabulous Wall Sconces! Nice work! Thanks for doing this blog. I absolutely love it!

Pat from Club Moderne on Etsy said...

Thanks, I can't believe my luck in finding your posting on the sconce that started the madness - I just acquired a pair of them that I will list in my Etsy shop (had purchased them for my home but they are too large for the "spot", waaaa-hhhh) and I wanted to try to find out more about them.


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