Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rid Jid May 1961 Mid Century Chairs

I spotted these today and made a b-line straight for them. I think I would have knocked down anyone hovering over them.

Seriously though, I see something true mid century, 1960's, it's like fireworks go off around me. I must belong back in the 60's....

These are 2 great condition folding chairs for indoor or outdoor use. Made by Rid Jid, the J.R. Clark Company, Minnesota. They have original tags and are dated May 10, 1961.

Original vinyl is in excellent condition - no rips or marks. Can't believe it. As expected there are some chips to the paint, which I happen to love. I never want "perfect" vintage pieces.

Check out the gorgeous flowing curves. Another example of mid century's beautiful minimalism. Just posted these on my etsy shop.

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