Saturday, February 6, 2010

Eames Inspired Rocking Chair for Momma

Ok, this is embarrassing; I'm not even pregnant yet but I'm already decorating the baby's room in my head. Actually, it's out of my head to be honest....I already have stored away some really fantastic vintage baby items for display in his/her room like a ceramic piggy bank, timmy the tiger pop up toy, wooden blocks and vintage baby books and prints.

Yes, I like planning ahead. Yes, I'm in love with all things vintage, mid century and design in general. is what I'm hoping to get to rock my little joy in when I have a baby. White or blue... I'm not decided yet.

There are so many available on Craig's List right now I kind of want to just do it. It would look cool in my house in the meantime anyway right? Come on, help me justify it!

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