Thursday, February 11, 2010

This Is Not Ikea

My new favorite store and website for fabulous vintage finds. It was started in 2008 by Alexis Hadjopulos and Tom Whitman with an idea to "provide a place where cool, unique, and vintage furniture is available to people at an IKEA price." Let me tell you, TINI is way beyond cool and unique - everything they have is amazing! They find some truly spectacular pieces.

The website is stocked full of inventory and easy to peruse with everything categorized by type, style, era, color, room and more.

I'm obsessed with chairs so below is a snapshot I took of their chairs section....which happens to have 4 pages of chairs!

Check em' out:

1 comment:

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Aw, what a shame she decided not to sell it, but I agree that I can't blame her. It's a great chair. It was good to see a post by you. I've missed having you around lately.


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