Sunday, November 21, 2010

I wish it was Sunday, cause that's my fun day.....

"My I don't have to run day...."  For anyone not getting it, that's Manic Monday by The Bangles, one of the greatest girl bands of the 80's and perhaps of all time.

Sunday is indeed my "fun day".  Well kind of.  Let's call if my "not work as hard and try to relax a little day".    Today was what I call a  working fun day.  It's work mixed in with something fun.  Hey, I try.  My hubby and I went up north 45 minutes to Ventura, a cozy and charming beach town.  I bought a mid century stereo cabinet/credenza and a Mersman side table from the lovely and very nice Jessie.  She informs me it's a great place to estate sale.  You can bet I'll be going up a couple of times a month for some "sailing" then.

Here is the credenza and the table.  The credenza was shot in her home, the table in mine.   I plan to refinish the credenza but the Mersman is good to go as is.  I'll be sure to post the refinish after photo.

And on to the "fun" stuff.  We hit about 6 thrift stores.  Yeah, that's still classified as work but it's fun too.  Look what I found in one shop....the others were kind of a bust.

Well hello lovelies.  I'm taking you home!  Purchased these 3.  Plus I found a large brown and gold pattern Pyrex bowl in excellent condition.  The pyrex, Dansk Kobenstyle pot and green sauce pot will be posted in my shop.  The vase found a new home on my Lane console table in the entry. Doh!  I hate when that happens! 

I saw this vintage rolling cart with glass shelves.  Pretty cool but I didn't buy it.  

And something strange......  remember how I like bizarro things?  Did not purchase this guy.

Walking downtown I spotted this Morris Woody....oh I wish!  Asking price $25K

Then off to the Marina for lunch.  Check out these fishing boats...... 

Fresh Fish and Chips.  Mmmmm deep fried.  I'm enjoying this with NO guilt!  Look at my husband get his dip on! 

And on the way home... LOOK at this ADORABLE car we saw!  I want it, I want it, I want it!


Modernsnap ! said...

Looks like an amazing day! score on the furniture and etsy listings .. . .. we midwesterners think fish is suspicious and won't eat it. :)

Rhan Vintage said...

ha ha why is that? because the fish has to travel so far? guess you're not into sushi then!!

its simple love said...

Oh wow! I love it! You have the best furniture finds! I just love it! I am in love with the mid-century look. I have a chair and a desk that are mid-century and I am addicted.



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