Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Brasilia Dresser and More Weekend Finds

After driving around with the Brasilia dresser and mirror in my Explorer for 4 days I finally unloaded it today.  I'm seeing it in the day light in all it's glory today and boy, it's a mess.  Three of the drawers have been painted black and the surface of the dresser is trashed. I will need to sand the entire dresser and stain it so it all matches. Okay, quite a job, but it's still worth it.  The two night stands are completely painted black so they'll need to be stripped, sanded and stained too.

Here is the dresser in my garage.   It's the "Triple Dresser" with a hidden center row of drawers.  One of the handles is missing but I do have it, thank goodness.

This is the photo I received from the seller.  As crappy as it looks I could tell it was Brasilia and knew I wanted it.  The mirror is pretty fantastic!!

The night stands are still up at my Mom's house.  I'll get them this weekend.  Here is the picture the seller sent to me.  Pretty bad huh?  

On a more positive note, this is what they will look like when I'm done with them: 

I'm not crazy about the style of the night stands. I wish it was this style: 

So, I think I'll refinish them and sell the set of 2.  I'm keeping the dresser, if I can fit it into my entry and use it as a credenza.  We'll see how it looks.

Here are other items I picked up that weekend from thrift stores.  My dining room has been taken over. No sunshine today so I can't photograph anything.  What a mess! 

I scored some cool stuff: a retro cork lamp, retro cut out lamp with light-up center, standing globe, wall clock, 1950's desk lamp, a 60's floor cushion, some starburst dinner ware, atomic magazine rack, small home decor, kitchen canisters and more.  Now, just need to clean them up, photograph and post.  Yeah, it's a lot of work.  


Sudha said...

drooling over the credenza...yum!

monogirl said...

Painted black??!! So glad you rescued these pieces.

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Wow, what a haul! You did great this weekend.


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