Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year Shopping

Happy New Year!  What does Rhan Vintage do to celebrate? She shops for vintage!

Yes, it's true, I was up bright and early New Year's day to pick up some awesome mid century pieces I found on Craigslist Los Angeles.  I came across a mid century bar that had been posted on Christmas day. It was listed as "50s retro bar with jupiter legs and light".  Sounds interesting right?  I wrote on the 30th and got a call back on the 31st around 6pm.  Surprise, it was still available.   My hubby even came with me to pick it up and I got the comment: "This is fun". HUH?  Could it be he's coming around and possibly catching the vintage-hunt bug?

Here's how the bar looked in the ad:

and here it is pictured back at my house.... the top folds down to reveal a bar with spots to hold your glasses and a mirror back.  The bottom opens up to reveal open space for storing your bottles.  There is a light in the bottom.  Cool right? 

Now it sits in my garage waiting for a sunny day to get sanded and re-stained.  It definitely needs work but I love a challenge and I look forward to seeing it restored.  Even though I don't  have a space for it in my home I think I will "make room" somehow. It's too cool to part with.   Anyone have one of these or remember them from their childhood? No maker's mark on this one. 

I also picked up these 2 items from the same cool girl, Darcy.  Usually where you find one mid century piece for sale you find others.  Check out this awesome little table with white top and the fantastic 50's stool/ottoman with it's original pink and black upholstery: 

and the week prior I stopped into a favorite thrift store and this chair was waiting for me: 

I've got lots of refinishing to do as well as photographing new pieces for my shop. But, it's raining today so it will all have to wait.  What's a girl to do on a rainy Sunday?  Go to Goodwill of course!  They're open on Sunday. 


Modernsnap ! said...

I know, Sunday's are great Goodwill days! I went too!

monogirl said...

That bar is to die for!

Mr. Modtomic said...

Oh yeah, that bar is the stuff. If we didn't have a stand behind bar, that's what I'd be angling for. All these finds are pretty great.

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Your bar is sensationsal! I also love the stool. You really made some great purchases.


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