Thursday, January 20, 2011

Palm Springs, a Mid Century Mecca

Palm Springs, California lays in the Coachella valley surrounded by mountains and deserts.  It has long been an escape for Angelenos and Hollywood starlets since the early 1900's.

Less than 2 hours away from Los Angeles, Palm Springs feels like another world...a Mid Century Modern world, in fact.  It boasts what is called the largest and best preserved architecture from the Mid Century. Not only are the homes mid century, but the hotels, banks, gas stations - literally every building represents the 60's modern style, referred to as "Desert Modernism".   Take a look...


The Kaufman House.  Architect Richard Neutra, 1946.

The Russell House.  Architect Albert Frey. 

The Elrod House.  Architect John Lautner.

The Loewy House. Architect Albert Frey.

The Kenaston House.  Architect E. Stewart Williams, 1957. aka my dream home! 

Bob Hope Residence.  Architect John Lautner. 

I don't know about you but this is a lot to take in. I could admire these homes all day. I've decided to save the Palm Springs hotels for a separate post.  John Lautner's architecture and history deserves his own post too.  Till then!


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Absolutely breathtaking. What would it be like to live in a home like one of those?

Home Architect said...

Hi Friends,

Amazing site you have create! the colour combination is very beautiful. I think this modern house design impressive all human being. Thanks....

Katie said...

You and I both have love for The Kenaston House! I recently looked at a Wexler original home with my Palm Springs realtor. I was so excited that Patrick Stewart Properties found it for me. I'm trying to work things out so I can put an offer on it.


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