Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mid Century Modern Sofas

I've been meaning to post about MCM sofas for awhile now.  I would love to have authentic 1960's armless sofas but it's hard to find a matching pair in good condition and on top of that, a set I can afford.  *Sigh*.

Apartment 528 posted a picture of her new vintage sectional yesterday and it put a fire under my behind to find my own dream set.   Hers is exactly the style I want.

I hit Craigslist Los Angeles to see what was out there..... I love Danish settee style sofas but we really need a "lounging couch" for our living room. We like to lounge.

Danish Mid Century Couch $550 firm.

Mid Century Danish Modern Settee Set $600
I SO love this set!!  

Mid Century Settee Sofa $500 firm

Vintage Modern Sectional $950
I love the idea of this set but it looks way too big for our space.  And $950? That's steep.

Vintage Sofa $350

Mid Century Sectional $400
Is the dog included?  He's cute!

Mid Century Sleeper Sofa $450

Mid Century Sectional $2475

1950's Sectional Sofa $1000

Vintage Steelcase Sofa $150 (needs work)

1960's Sectional $150 
Hey, this looks like the one above for $2475!!

So as you can see, it's not so easy finding mid century armless modular sofas.  There are some cute things available but not exactly right for our space.    

Here's what I've got now:
Our living room/den space.
I have a 3 piece modular sofa.  You can see one sofa and chair here.  The other sofa is to the right against the wall.  
This set is new but has a minimal design, its armless, low sitting.  It's works for now.

Our settee style sofa w/ attached table in the entry.  
Love this and will never part with it. The former owner painted the wood.  I have the "fun" task of stripping, sanding and staining it....sometime in the future. Looks fine as-is for now. 

And here's Apartment 528's sectional:  This is what I need with a microfiber or hardy upholstery.


stacey said...

your setee is to die for, i love it! we are in the same boat as far as sofas go, we need to replace two sectionals (one in the living room that we only use on holidays and parties and another in the family/rumpus room that is used daily. we lounge alot too!) and also find a sofabed for the guest bedroom. i love the armless sets, they are so simple yet gorgeous esp. in the right fabric colors. good luck in your search, diligence will pay off! :)

Midcenturymadam said...

Love that setee! We can't even think about a new sofa until we figure out how to stop our feline friends from destroying the backs. That may take awhile. Good luck with your search.

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I love the settees too, but I don't think they're very comfy. The blue sectional and the blue sleeper look like they'd be great for lounging.

John Barry Furniture said...

Great Settee's can i have 1? lol


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