Saturday, January 15, 2011

Vintage Cork Lamps

Ever wonder why certain trends catch on?  I don't know why (if you do, please share) cork lamps became popular in the mid century.  They're cool looking indeed, but who had the idea to make a lamp out of cork first?

What is cork?!  According to Wise Geek, "Cork is a material that grows as the bark of the Cork Oak tree. More than half of the world's cork originates in southern Portugal.  The bark of the Cork Oak tree is harvested about every 9 or 10 years, and it is allowed to dry for 1 to 2 years. Next it is boiled to remove any toxins or other harmful agents, and then it is graded and cut. After a final cleaning and drying, the cork is sorted and ready for use."  

I've seen cork lamps on Etsy and occasionally on Craigslist, but it wasn't until I found my own last weekend at a thrift store that I actually started to like them.  Maybe they have to grow on you a little bit?  At first I thought, "weird", now "I like-y". They are the epitome of "vintage modern".   

Here's my find; destined for my Etsy shop because as much as I like it, I simply cannot adopt another lamp.  Literally, I have no space for it in my house.  Maybe you want to bring it home? 

 Too cool right?

And some other cool cork lamps: 

Mid Century Danish Tulip Cork Lamp $50 by Rare Supply (Etsy)

Vintage Modern Cork Lamp $95 by Sixty to Seventy (Etsy)

Mid Century Wood and Cork Lamp $150 by Duchess Fare (Etsy)

Pair Mid Century Modern Laurel Cork Lamps $585 by Retro Symphony (Etsy)

Mid Century Cork Space Age Lamp $345 by Andrew Modern (Ebay)

Cork Swag Hanging Lamp $85 by Paper Moon Interiors (Ebay)

Retro 70's Cork and Cane Groovy Table Lamp $150 by Jucat Deluxe (Ebay)


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Wow, we really are on the same wavelength. We just picked up a cork lamp a couple of days ago for $15. I need to post some pictures of our latest finds, but right now they're all stacked up in the kids' garage.

The lamps in your post are gorgeous. I wish we could find more!

Sudha said...

your lamp looks so lovely...makes me want one :)

Modernsnap ! said...

The only prob with the cork is the smell! I don't like it! It's an unmistakable smell . . . ttyl :)


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