Monday, March 7, 2011

Mid Century Chairs.

Happy Monday!   Let's get to it.  Let's talk about chairs.  So you all know by now I have a chair addiction.  Though I have no room for anything else in my house (unless I swap things out) I picked up 2 (more) chairs on Thursday.  I was at a meeting early in the morning so on my way home of course I had to swing by a couple of thrift stores in that neighborhood.  

First stop, Goodwill.  I walked away with only one little thing, but I love it and it's already on my desk: a gold perpetual calendar.   Second and last stop, because I've got to cut myself off somewhere or I could easily spin-off into a day-long thrift-ing spree, I found 2 mid century chairs.  I almost didn't go to this store because I really needed to get home but  thought, "What if they have something great in there"?  Right?  Well, they did.  Two mid century chairs:

Since my living room sofa change-up last weekend I decided I needed a mid century/danish lounge chair to finish the space off.  So, there in the thrift store was a lounge chair! That never happens - actually finding something you are looking for.  I scooped it up with plans to reupholster it.  I can't take the plaid!  Next, an adorable wood dining style chair. It's perfect for accent or as a desk chair OR a dining chair if you're someone that is bold enough to use mixed styles of chairs at your table.  Don't know where it's going but I like it.

Unfortunately, nothing is that easy though. I placed this lounge chair in my living room (I was very excited) and because the back is high it doesn't look quite right next to my sofas (West Elm's Tillary) which are reeeeeaaaally low.  Dang it! Thought I had it all figured out!  So, looks like this lounge is going in my shop and the search continues.

I HAD the perfect lounge chair but sold it to someone in NYC.  At the time I didn't need it.  Woops.  Turns out hoarding can pay off sometimes.  It would have been perfect.  Oh well! 

Here was the chair I HAD and SOLD:
* I even restored this chair so I had extra love for it. It was painted green when I found it. 

I might try placing my Overman pod chair in the living room today to see if it works. I kinda already know it won't look right but we'll try and see..... I should post pics of all the chair options and let you guys critique.

Lastly, I've been toying with the idea of placing my recently acquired Bertoia side chairs in the living room - though they are not practical to sit on for long periods.  It would be more of a "statement" design....but am I that girl?  My hubby and I like to really lounge in the living room, so the Bertoias might seem out of place.

I blame this picture on me thinking I can get away with the Bertoias in my living room:

Have a great day!


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

The new chairs are fantastic! I absolutely love the tall backed one, and the small one will be perfect at a desk.

adriane said...

I love that tall chair with plaid! I would totally leave the upholstery, unless it's nasty. It's kind of graphic and beachy! But I'm a sucker for buffalo check of any kind.

Also, I found that if you lay one of those fake sheepskins from IKEA across both the top and bottom of the Bertoia, it's actually really comfy, especially if you put your feet up. Shocking, but true.

Rhan Vintage said...

Adriane, funny you mention the fake sheepskin because right after I posted this I thought, "I wonder how those sheepskin throws are". Maybe I'll give it a try. I'm usually all about leaving original upholstery when possible but this looks really, really bad in my space.

Mr. Modtomic said...

The same sorta problem cropped up when I put the Milo Baughman recliner I recently acquired in the family room. When I placed it in the same place where the Selig Z chair had been, the tall back COMPLETELY blocked my view of the TV from here sitting at the computer! I've made some adjustments and it's all worked out. It's going nowhere!

home furnishing said...

The bertoias chairs look beautiful, but I think they will look better outside than in the living room.

Vintage Hunter said...

Great lounge chair! I agree the plaid needs to go. I'm dying over the one you sold though. That was gorgeous!


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