Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Estate SAILing.

'Twas a good day for pickin!  I was up bright and early and at the sale at 7-ish. My friend Kevin was there so that helped to make the hour pass quickly.  I was #3 through the door.  Love that.

My first score was a set of 2 matching Danish style lounge chairs. I love this style chairs.  I already have 3  in my house, each a bit different,  but I needed another one for my den.  Score!

Check out some of my other fun finds: 
Love the simplicity of this dressing chair. 

12 wood peg legs for $3!

I love old fans and flip clocks. 

I'm a sucker for old toys. This is a WWII naval officer.

Interpur stainless steel Danish modern flatware with wood handles. I'm keeping these! 

50's wall clock and tensor lamp. 

Vintage Annalee Doll.  I like weird toys. This is an orange haired bunny wearing a collared shirt. Bizarre I know, but I love it!

Clear plastic Salt and Pepper.  

Lattice design king pillow cases in original packaging. 

Red rotary phone and mod candy bowl. 

Pink amoeba shaped dish.

Mod tulip shaped planters. These are about 3' tall. Yes, they desperately need to be scrubbed clean!

Hope you are having a great Saturday!


The Recycle-ista said...

Wow! Amazing finds!

I sold a set of that Interpur flatware for about $80...just so you know. I debated keeping mine too though. :)

Love the phone!

And the salt and pepper is so just dawned on me that SP for salt and pepper...those are my initials...gotta keep my eye out for S and P things! love it!

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

Whoa, you got quite the haul! I love those planters & the candy dish. Are you keeping the candy dish?

Estate sales are less competitive in CA than in Chicago... getting there an hour beforehand means you'd be lucky to be #50! People often sleep in their cars overnight to be one of the first 10 people in, pretty crazy.

Krazy4Mod said...

Some days it pays to get up early on Saturdays. You really scored some great items! It's hard to choose a favorite so I'll just like them all :)

Vintage Hunter said...

Fantastic haul! I think I'm loving that salt and pepper set most of all. I've never been early to an estate sale. Between not being a morning person and working around 3 kids it just doesn't happen!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Good grief! Did you have to rent a UHaul to get all your stuff home? You really made a fantastic haul. I love the chairs. Also, how tall are the peg legs? Will they be in your etsy shop?

Rhan Vintage said...

Hey Dana. Thanks for the comments! The peg legs are about 7" tall. Let me know if you're interested.


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