Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yep, I'm Still Talking About Modern Rugs

Boy, when I get on something I really stick to it until it's complete. I like to check things off the list!   You might remember a few posts back I wrote about mid century modern rugs.  I've decided I can't wait around for the perfect true 60's rug to pop up. I need something soon, but later if the right rug comes along at an estate sale or garage sale, great!

Here are some cool new rugs with a mid century/retro look .....

All from Overstock.com.  Can't beat the selection and prices!

4x 6 Ultimate Shag Cream & Smoke Rug $79.99 

3'6 x 5'6 Soho Brown Burst New Zealand Wool Rug $95.99 (other color combinations available in this style)

3'10 x 5'5 Beige Abstract $68.99

3'6 x 5'6 Waves Brown New Zealand Wool Rug $97.99

3'6 x 5'6 Voyage Brown New Zealand Wool Rug $97.99

3' x 5' Bliss Pale Blue Rug $69.99

3'6 x 5'6 Retro Chic Chocolate $88.99

3'3 x 5'3 Hourglass Chocolate Wool $64.99

5' x 8' World Classic Blue-Grey Wool $164.99

5'3 x 7'6 Lily Ivory Geometric $101.99

5'6 x 7'6 Geometric Green Estella $158.99

5' x 7'6 Rojan Wool $185.99

Really, there are so many more but my eyes are tired!  Overstock has so many rugs it literally takes hours to browse through them.  Other styles that would work with mid century style: geometric, kilim, shag, diamond and hourglass to name a few. 

Update: It's Wednesday 3/23 and I'm back on Overstock.com browsing rugs.  Here are some more I'm digging: 

5'3 x 7'6 Lily Brown Mix Geometrix $104.99

5'3 x 7'6 Lily Brown Mix Geometric (yes, same name as one above. weird.) $104.99

5' x 8' Beige Geometric Rug $140.99

8' Round Namur Wool $351.99

8' Round Retro Chic Light Olive Polyacrylic $321.99

So, as you can tell I'm staying in the blues/browns/creams range for my den.  If you love red or other brights there are some fantastic options on Overstock. Just carve out a couple of hours for the browse, or do it in sections.  Good luck!


Design Girl said...

LOVE the last three and the third one from the top. Have you checked out Classic Modern? They're in London but if you have a few hundred to spend and really want vintage, they have a super selection. I stop by their website from time to time and drool! http://www.classic-modern.co.uk/rugs.htm

Design Girl said...

Ah shucks! It turns out only one of the rugs at Classic Modern is available! I never look with the intention to buy so I didn't notice that most of them are sold! My next recommendation is The Future Antiques. http://atomicamour.blogspot.com/2011/03/future-antiques-tfa.html

I just read about them over at the Atomic Amour blog. I'm DYING to go! Surely there's an awesome rug in all that retro beauty. They're in St. Louis though...if you want a driving buddy, I'm free :)

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I'll have to check out the O. Several of these I haven't seen before, and they're really cool. As cheap as they are, they might make for good items to use staging the store.

Krazy4Mod said...

I recently ordered a rug from Overstock and was amazed at the quality and price. The bad part was the colors were way different from the pic on the website. What should have been cherry red was actually bubble gum fluorescent pink. They were great about the return and I didn't have to pay for shipping. Just got a new one from Crate and Barrel and LOVE it.

Modernsnap ! said...

My fave is the Rojan hands down! I had a job a few years back where I sat in a windowless office for hours on end with nothing to do. Overstock was my bff. I never had the money to buy a rug from them but I dream and dream of doing it often, still. I also became obsessed with lighting web sites, again hours and hours whiled away!

Pinwheel said...

We don't have rugs because of our puppy but I really like the 4th one. Makes me wish she wouldn't wreck it!

iconrugs said...

Wow, I love these all beautiful modern rugs. I want to buy these all.


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