Monday, July 11, 2011

Update: Modern Baby Nursery Purchases

I'm a planner.  Before I was even pregnant I had an idea of what the nursery would look like: a nice blend of contemporary with vintage, clean streamline white furniture, warm grey walls, and pops of color through bedding and decor.

I recently posted about modern baby cribs and featured some of my dream cribs. Well, I have accepted I cannot and will not spend $1000 on a crib.  I have settled on Baby Mod's Olivia set.  It's made by the same people that make Babyletto and other modern baby furniture but at a fraction of the price.  Love that!

I did not expect however to find these items on Craigslist.  I reeeeealllly hate to buy new but I'd suck it up for this set or I figured it would be a good baby shower item many people could pitch in on.   Well, I was shocked to see the dresser and changer pop up on Craigslist. I got them both this past Saturday for half off retail and they look brand new. YAY.  It's a plus that they are already assembled.

Check out the dresser and changer in this stock photo:

Now I just need the Olivia crib......and a modern rocker, cool area rug..... it never ends.   
Maybe I'll get lucky and this crib will come up on CL Los Angeles too?  
From my lips to the Craigslist gods' ears. 


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Oh boy!! It's always exciting to find what you want... At a great deal! Congrats!!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Fantastic! I'm thrilled that you got what you wanted at a bargain. I've never seen a crib that survived teething. They usually look like baby beavers have had a go at them. That's probably why it wasn't included in the deal. :) I absolutely love that style. I can't wait to see the room when it's done.

adriane said...

Congratulations! That's awesome! Just an FYI, there's a lot of business going on with crib reselling, at least in Georgia. There are a lot of posts on the Atlanta CL about illegal crib reselling, and even though I *think* it only includes the recalled cribs, someone at a baby consignment store told me that all cribs that haven't passed the recent inspections/guidelines are illegal to resell. Even at yard sales, etc. Anyways, that might explain why some of the CL sellers aren't posting cribs. And Dana is definitely right about the teething! Our crib was a Babymod crib for our daughter, but after taking it apart to move, it was always a little rickety. I think if you can go brand new for a crib, it's worth the peace of mind.

Sorry, I just wrote a novel! This is just something we've been spending a LOT of time on lately. :)

Rhan Vintage said...

Adriane, thanks for the great tips!

Jeannie@ said...

I know this is kind of late but keep looking on CL, you might be surprised to find some bargains pop up or even Ebay (local).

Just make sure the sides are all stationary.


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