Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our baby is a boy!

We found out today we're having a baby boy.  We are so excited to know what our little baby is. I was so sure it was a girl so I was a little surprised but my husband said "I knew it"!  Either way, we are so happy and feel so blessed to be having a healthy baby. We cannot wait to meet our sweet little son.

So, let the shopping and designing begin! 

Dwell Transportation Crib Bedding 
I want that chair!!

Dwell for Target Space Baby Crib Bedding

Dwell Gio Aqua Crib Bedding

Dwell Owls Crib Bedding

Ollie and Lime George Crib Bedding

Skip Hop Tree Crib Bedding

Skip Hop Mod Dots Crib Bedding 

What's your favorite??

I think once I pick the bedding the rest of the decor will fall into place easily. I'm partial to lime green and a lot of the above choices have that color. 

I just ordered this adorable little guy from Ebay for the baby.  
A vintage wooden monkey, Japan.


Funky Home Finds said...

Well...first of all, congratulations!! That's great news. And I hope everything goes well for you.

Second...yes...I would like that chair, too. And that wooden monkey ROCKS!!

Vintage Hunter said...

Congrats! Those are all cute sets. I think my favorite is the transportation. BUT I'll give you some advice that 99% of all new mom's ignore and say do not buy a crib set. You will never use the quilt (you can't put in the crib with the baby) and the bumpers aren't used very long (plus they sell breathable mesh ones that are much safer.) All you really need are a couple of sheets and depending on your crib a dust ruffle. Save your cash and buy that cool chair or fun artwork! Out of everything I bought for my babies a crib set was easily my biggest regret.

Rhan Vintage said...

Great advice. Thanks so much. I never would have known!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Congratulations!!! I know you're sooooo excited.

I love the Olli and Lime George. I think that print is so versatile...and doesn't lock you into a theme.

I agree about just buying selected pieces instead of a whole set with bumper pads. When my grandsons were born, my daughter kept them next to their bed in a small bassinet/co-sleeper with mesh sides for the first two or three months and hardly used the bumper pads when she finally moved them to the crib.

Modernsnap ! said...

Omg! Preggers! Babies are the best! I'm so happy for you!!!!!!! Your taste is awes so no matter what you pick it will be perfection!

Shelly said...

Congratulations! I second the motion about NOT buying a crib set. Pediatricians will tell you to NEVER use a quilt or bumper in the crib because of SIDS (although the quilt could be used for laying baby on the floor for tummy time, etc.) I also have loved the Breathable Bumper to prevent limbs getting stuck in the slats. The only other things you need for the crib are a bedskirt and sheet.

Also, if you are looking for an affordable crib with modern lines, I recommend The Sorelle City Lights convertible crib in white! I got each on sale for under $300 and I have loved them for my 1-yr old twins!

stacey said...

congratulations to you! and wow they have some cute options for babies now... compared to when mine were teeny! either that or you have amazing taste which clearly is the case. :)

Retro Restyling said...

Awww congrats! I have two boys and I think that I was blessed with them because I probably wouldn't be able to handle a girl! LOL Lemme know if you ever need any boy advice. I've got tons. As for the bedding, I agree... don't buy a set, buy what you need. I bought two different sets for my boys, never used the blanket other than to hang it on the wall as decor and the bumpers were only in there for a short time. BUT, with that said I really like the Owl theme and the Transportation theme. I love the bright colors... I don't dig the pastelly blues and greens. :)

Hunting Tigress said...

How very cool to find out you are having a boy! We are expecting a couple of babies in our family this fall/winter - one boy, one girl. It's so exciting. Anyway, I like everything you picked out but my two favorites are Ollie & Lime George and Gio Aqua - something about the abstract animals draws me in. If you are buying the stuff, then I agree that you don't need all the pieces and can spend your money on other cool, vintage finds. However, if someone else is buying it for you - then I think it would be great to go for the whole ensemble. Sure, you may not use it that long but it looks so fab together. Most importantly, do what makes you happy and enjoy your little one! Love that chair, too, btw. I hope you find exactly the right one for you!

1950s Atomic Ranch House said...


adriane said...

Congratulations! I love your little boy bedding picks! I considered the Skip Hop dot set, too, and actually ordered the blanket from the set off of Amazon. I ended up returning it because the colors weren't quite right, but it was really a nice blanket. My strategy with baby #2 (now known as Nadine) was to buy pieces since the set I had with Roxanne ended up half unused. My mom actually found a bunch of Dwell Studio pieces at thrift stores and though they aren't from the same line, they all "go." My favorite thing was buying a blanket (sometimes they call them "stroller blankets," but they aren't the ones that go with the crib set, just throw blankets to put on your glider/rocker) and using that as a jumping off point. If you check Amazon, they have some AMAZINGLY cool separate sheets, etc., by Dwell Studio (my favorite is a brown chevron) and though they are pricey, if you aren't doing a "set," you can justify paying $36 for a crib sheet... Maybe. :) Oh, and the best "blanket" for once your little man is actually in his crib is one of those wearable sleep sacks. At least in my opinion! We used one with our daughter until she was probably about 10 months old, and it was perfect. And safe!

Good luck!

Sara said...

Congratulations! Baby boys are so special. Is that a monkey? It's really cute! Love. Do I feel a Curious George theme coming on? SO cute!


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